Skeffling’s November 2012 Earnings Report – What was the deal with Black Friday?

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I just got back from a week visiting family in Skeffling, East Yorkshire, so missed out on seeing the post-Thanksgiving sales as they come in.

Nathan added up the daily sales for me and gave me the highlights on what was selling. Totals were insane, so how much does a quarter of a million dollars in Amazon sales earn you?

We only had a few lenses this time last year, maybe 30 or so, and there were random shopping sprees even on non-sales lenses, so I was curious how it would translate into sales with having so many more lenses now, and I have been surprised by the results.

It looks like people are well and truly shopping!


November 2012 Online Earnings

  • Adsense $195.87  (up $50 from last month and another record!)
  • Chitika $5.69 (highest ever by 4x)
  • Kindle Books $13.88  Sold 4 books of the 3 titles, (3 on, 1 on, and lent one
  • Zazzle $77.51  more Belted Galloway mugs and T-Shirts
  • Hubpages $15.16 
  • affiliate (Mine and Nathan’s IB/Seekyt/Wizzley/Squidoo) account $6,249.62
  • £15.09  so $24.64US
  • Clickbank and Shareasale Affiliate $44.94
  • My 50% of the Squidoo Amazon affiliate commissions $4,457.11
  • Squidoo Conservative estimate for adshare  $535.60 (could be another $200 or so higher, it will be officially calculated by Squidoo in 6 weeks).

Grand Total is $11,618.02


Total Amazon sales in Nov were approx $248,440!  

We had a run from Nov 23 to 27 (1-2 days delay in reporting depending on the source) of daily sales of $14,540 (Black Friday), $16,945, $13,500, $19,500 (Cyber Monday) and $19,925,  we just broke $10K 3 times too, and average daily sales for the month were $8,281.  This was still all organic traffic with no back-linking or social promotion and was way more than I had anticipated.

There were larger numbers of cheaper items sales (like late October), but we still had a few nice biggies too.  I know there were many sales we won’t get paid for like the Sceptre TVs and some of the Breville juicers, and some sold by 3rd party sellers so we haven’t included those in the stats.

I am quite pleased that Adsense is creeping up in a significant way, we only broke $100 payout (within a single month) last month.  Zazzle sales are increasing with gift shopping too.  I had fun teaching my aunt how to Zazzle while I was in the UK.

Traffic was up overall, had some lovely spikes, though I have read some Squidooers took a hit around the Panda refresh around the 22nd.

Average Earnings

Average earnings per article is $15.70 over 740 or so articles.

Average Amazon earnings per Squidoo article (no Adshare) is $21.95 per article over 445 lenses.  I counted $5309.74 in from Squidoo alone from our own Amazon affiliate results for an estimated Squidoo income (Amazon only) total of $9766.85.

Non-Squidoo earnings were $1851.17 or 15.9% overall (up from about 10% last month), but most were still Amazon.  These were mostly other web 2.0 sites and about $300 from the new niche sites.

So how much work did we do?

With the shopping season upon us, we will be pushing like crazy until probably the 18th December or so when it will drop off, so we have been working hard as it is never too late to grab a few Amazon sales.

As far as getting work done in November, our VA posted some gift lenses for us, and at times was mired down a bit with the spam filters on Squidoo.  As a result we have applied and now have a 2nd Giant Squid account, long overdue really, but I always wonder if we are good enough, so put it off!  I have one more account that should have that too, now I know our product reviews are officially up to standard!

While we were waiting to find out about the Giant squid and being frustrated with Squidoo, we set up and worked on some new niche (eventually niche authority is the plan) Amazon review sites with no Adsense.   We were doing at least one post a day for each of the 4 sites between the two of us, some sites get 2 posts a day.  One of the sites was started early October and made it’s first real sales this month.  One of mine started beginning of Nov has earned $199 in Amazon commissions and still has more items to ship.  Another site, started mid Nov earned $40 and I am sure that is due to the shopping season, so we are pleased with the results so far.

With going away, I had to do 30 reviews in advance and set them to post while I was gone, that was lots of work but a crash course in the niches, about 8 of the reviews were outsourced, but I had to rewrite as the products have a lots of specs and require in depth knowledge that was not there.  Niches were picked based on previous success on Squidoo and low competition.  It is the most product review writing I have done in months and went pretty quickly with Dragon Naturally Speaking, and I am figuring out how to make it faster by batching, as I do plan to do the reviews myself on the technical sites for a while.


2 mistakes this month (or last), I forgot to add the -20 to my Amazon tracking ID on Hubpages and have had registered in average at least a sale a day from the 4 hubs since I fixed it!  Now I know HP converts pretty well.  I guess I should have checked that little experiment sooner.  Just the whole on again off again traffic still spooks me there (per my other subdomain there), but I think I will do some more hubs with my top selling kw there.

Second mistake was not going for another Giant squid before, the worst they can say is no.  I’ll get the other account done too now.

What next?

Infobarrel’s new Amazon modules are up and going now, so I will be spending my time adding them to my IB articles in the next week or so.  I will likely write an IB article on my take on how to get the most out of them.

I will also be maintaining the 3 reviews a day for the new websites.  I will be getting more outsourcing articles done for non-Squidoo sites like IB, Seekyt and Hubpages. We may get some non-sales authority articles going for static pages on the new blogs too.

Nathan is working on finding wholesalers and we have sold our first item on as a seller using the new FBA – fulfilment by Amazon program.  He will be doing 2 reviews a day as well for his sites, and managing our VA posting more articles and lenses.

We can cozy up for the winter, the livestock is all in the barn and the firewood is in and stacked, and the snowblower on the tractor.

The Book

I have been deciding how I am going to share my book with those who want to read it.  I have no plans to charge any money for it, I haven’t for some time, for a number of reasons.

I will be releasing it by chapters on a schedule.  This will make me get on and do it and break it into manageable chunks.  The first section is pretty well ready to go so it is just a matter of whether it is posted on the site or done through email list.

So how was everyone’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday and whole of November?  I hope it was good!

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