Skeffling’s June 2012 Online Earnings Report – Did she break $3000?

by Skeffling-ton on July 2, 2012 · 44 comments

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The more experienced internet marketers say the summer is not the best for online income.  Internet traffic slows as people head outside for the summer sunshine.  So I am thrilled with my June earnings.

June was much more productive than May as I got 37 new Squidoo lenses posted and one article on Seekyt, though I got 65 articles outsourced and completed (so am behind on posting), and got a bit of keyword research done too.

Even though I had 3 weeks messed up by my “proper” work as a locum, content creation kept going.  I am very happy with my new outsourcing avenue, and will be writing a post about it and things I have learned about using it and general outsourcing probably close to $2500 worth in the last 6 months.

Anyway I got a few more niche sites up, though I am still deciding what format will be best, and I am thrilled to report in June I made an Amazon affiliate sale on one (netting me $22) and got numerous Adsense clicks on another 3 of them.

Updated June 2012 Online Earnings

Adsense $70.94 (Yay, new record)

Chitika $1.80

Zazzle $21.46 (same lady came back and bought another 60 chicken postcards too)

Hubpages $17.72

My IB/Seekyt/Wizzley $234.62 £47.66 or $71.49US

Clickbank $36.44 (chicken coop plans for my hobby farming niche)

Amasuite affiliate $87.72

Squidoo Amazon commissions original estimate $2002.88  

Squidoo Conservative estimate for adshare  $480.19  I had 6 articles ranked in the top 1000 overall on Squidoo most of June and almost the same number still under the 2000-2500 rank cut off for tier one.  At that level, adshare is about $50 per article.

UPDATED Squidoo TOTAL from 9/8/12 Payday  $2770.45

Updated Total online earnings is $3312.64 US 

Average earnings per article over all 460 articles is no $7.20 per article,  that is up from $5.20 per article last month.

Average earnings per Squidoo article (220 lenses) is $12.59

The top performing article earned $387.93 .  It is that one that took off , and now traffic looks like this.  It topped 323 views one day.  I wish I could replicate this as I can’t find any organic back links for it and I never did any linking!

So $325+ Amazon in a month from June’s traffic

I noticed a bit of a rough rule of thumb pattern too that seems to loosely apply from 1 to 300

“For decent quality Amazon product review type lens on Squidoo with the intent of selling and that uses Squidoo’s affiliate links, average # daily views over the month roughly equals or is a touch higher than the monthly dollar # Amazon earnings.  There are some exceptions, but I think if earnings are much lower than that, the product selection/niche/layout can be improved.”

I think you can get higher than that as well by putting the most desirable item you sell the most of in the top one of the 3 side widgets.  That’s what I did a week ago with this article and earned $142.00 from the 23rd to 29th of June as many items sold at the 8.5% commission instead of the 4.25% from the main body of the article.  I think that may be why the commissions were higher than in was expecting, as I roughly estimated sales as being lower than last month.

Buying Domains and Niche Websites

I just bought a handful in June, just if I saw a good one while doing my keyword research.  I figure I have enough work to get done with the others, though I have 7 websites up and done now out of about 60.  The content I ordered for another 15 sites evaporated, so I’ll be posting that again, but may change how I do it to give 5 or so article type pages, each one for a given type or category or main products.

Continuing Education

I finished Chris Guthrie’s “How to make money online” and Pat Flynn’s “Smart Passive Income” podcasts and the 3 ViperChill ones.  I started on the Internet Business Mastery and am thrilled to hear it is not just the mechanics of how to, but you are encouraged to figure out the why, the long term goals and what will fulfil you, there are so many episodes (over 160)I think I’ll start picking topics I’m interested rather than listen to all of them  back to back.

The insights and listening to the voices of experience are great with all of these.  It has been great to listen too while I have been driving with work, cutting the lawn and planting the vegetable garden.  I am looking forward to listening to Spencer Haws’ Niche Pursuits Podcast too this month as he has been a guest on a few podcasts I have heard already and know he has some great tips, content and experience.

More Stuff for July

My articles earn pretty well, so of course I want to post more.  I have most of my monthly online income invested back into the business this summer with more content creation.  If I can get monthly income up to $4000, I will likely hire a Virtual Assistant as I plan to quit work by Labor day and I will need to start taking income out then, but know I can do much more with some help!

There is an ebook in the works, working title “Make Money for Free with Amazon on Squidoo” being written using all my content and the poor dear writer is organizing it for me.  She is doing an awesome job and  I have 10,000+ words back so far, but I know I will want to tweak it and add more about outsourcing and other new things I have learned lately.

I have had some great suggestions from a couple of kind and helpful commenters offering some great business ideas for me and ways to share what I have learned about making money online on Squidoo.  Thanks guys.  I will be spending more time on the blog here in July, making it more appealing, easier to read, find things and receive updates when we have them.

I was flattered to be asked to answer some questions for a great interview and look forward to that being published at some point in the future too.  You know, I am finding what I am looking for daily now, more than the earnings, is connection with like minds and comments and emails from people who are doing what I am!  Just shows you it is not all about the money, it is something bigger.

I’d love for you to comment and ask any questions and I can answer or they maybe topics for other posts. 

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