Skeffling’s July 2012 Online Earnings Report – Could she break $4000?

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July flew by.  Early in the month my husband Nathan was told he may be laid off from his engineering job or we could be forced to move.

Then he was dismissed as of 31st Aug.   Now we are both FREE!  I am officially done doing dentistry as the last office I was booked for August messed me around for the last time and I am done with it, so they can find another locum.  That felt good!

So evenings and weekends he is learning and working online and I am helping him.  And we are getting our farm ready for sale while we sort out our financial affairs.  Not fun, but we are looking forward to the freedom.

So how did July go?  Pretty amazing really considering we are in the summer slump.  Traffic has dropped off the past few days so maybe August will be slower.  So did I break another consecutive thousand dollar barrier this month?  EDITED with actual payouts for Sept 7th.


July 2012 Online Earnings

Adsense $62.94

Chitika $0.69

Zazzle $3.14

Hubpages $28.61

My IB/Seekyt/Wizzley/Squidoo $1071.72 (up from approx $200 last month) £1.57 (say $2) down from about £50

Clickbank, Shareasale & Amasuite Affiliate $93.08

[Estimated Squidoo Amazon commissions $2345.11

Squidoo Conservative estimate for adshare  $547.40 (could be another $200 or so higher, once officially calculated by Squidoo)]

Actual Squidoo amount= $3237.52 and was 345.01 higher than I guessed

Grand Total is $4499.70


Average earnings per article is $8.77 over all my 513 articles

Average earnings per Squidoo article is $14.44 per article over 276 articles (over 50 of them brand new this month) I counted $750 in from Squidoo from my own affiliate results of $1071.72

Highest earning article was at $420 and the last 10 days of the month some of the traffic it was directed through my affilliate links and I can only track as far as Squidoo.  That had a record high of 500 visitors in a day, as my long-tail article got temporarily ranked #8 for a 12,000 search per month short tail search.

Some of the links below may be affiliate links.  Don’t worry, you don’t pay any more if you choose to go through them, and you can easily bypass if you need to.

Amazon earnings

So average dollar sales on Amazon per day were roughly $3000.  I tallied it up quickly each morning and we broke $4000 four times and $3000 about 10 times.  I only had a couple of days under $2000 in sales.  Estimated gross Amazon sales totalled $95,000 in July which is quite amazing really.

After reading a blog post interview of Erica Stone (another Amazon Affiliate who does well on Squidoo) she advised I put my own Amazon links in.  So late in the month, I switched some of my Amazon Spotlight Module links to text modules with affilate linked images and inserted my own text links too and as a result hit the 7% commission level.  Not bad considering I only changed 10 or 15 articles.  The links on Squidoo with my affiliate are still a tiny portion of what I have and I will be keeping most through the Squidoo program too, every article still has Squidoo links.

3 of my new Amazon niche websites sold items, earning a grant total of about $14 in that $1000 odd commission.  I have not done any back-linking (and hope to avoid it) and am still waiting to see how the keywords perform on their own.

Don’t be scared to hire help

Nathan posted about 10 Squidoo lenses for me and I had a VA on Elance post one batch of 20 and is working another group of about 30 so by July 31st I have 513 articles overall, and of those 276 are Squidoo lenses.

I realised when I got my Paypal and bonus Squidoo pay for May, I had no hope of spending it all if I didn’t get help.  With doing the kw research, outsourcing the articles and posting them all myself, there wasn’t enough hours in a day to re-invest all of it back in for maximum growth, so I took the plunge on a VA and although it is not perfect, it is saving me a lot of time and I can quickly edit as needed, and she is getting better.

I said when I hit $4000 a month, I could hire a full time VA, maybe I will, but after listening to Chris Guthrie’s Adsense Flippers interview yesterday, more piecework outsourcing may be the best to continue with to try out a few workers and evolve a procedure list one task at a time.

Kindle Publishing

I am very excited to be starting Kindle publishing shortly.  Thanks to this Blog post, and podcast from Chris Guthrie and the subsequent webinar, we are going for it!

I have 4 non fiction books being ghost-written at the moment by some talented authors on Zerys and have ideas for another 3 already.  I am thrilled to see the four are progressing well and I can’t wait to get the covers done and submit them.  One is just days away from being ready so I need to figure out the formatting and get the 2D book cover done.

Hopefully we will have some cool stuff to report next earnings report.  Nathan has some Science Fiction ideas he had about 6 or 7 years ago all written in a journal that we will be learning how to outsource fiction for too.

Make Money Online Book

My How to Make Money on Squidoo draft is back from being drafted and organized, and I have been dying to edit and add to it, but with getting things sold on the farm and getting it ready and putting it and the vehicles up for sale, I have barely had time to sit down and work on my book.  I guess we have proof now this crazy success is not a fluke, so that was worth the wait!

There is no easy formula or system, but I will share everything I do and I hope others can have it work for them.  I have been helping a couple of people who have been kind enough to help me and they are starting to see some results!  I am going to work on it this month, so I can get the info shared very soon.


To do in August

Creating, outsourcing and publishing more Kindle books for sure.  I guess if I set a goal of 10 more under way or finished by Sept that would be good.  I will write about the process here more once I actually have some earnings to show for it.  I think it may be a more stable income stream that is not dependant on Google searches, though I hope to take advantage of them and am picking my titles and keywords carefully.

I wasn’t going to push Squidoo as much, but with being the sole breadwinner now, I need to do more lenses and will shift niches a little as well for Christmas.  My VA can post more lenses as I will have about 30 finished articles ready to go after a final polish and Copyscape check.

Publish my Squidoo e-book, I may put it on Kindle too.  I am sure it won’t hurt sales and won’t take much time to do.  I am so excited to share everything in an “organized” manner.

I have an outsourcing post for Web 2.0 in draft here that I want to publish soon too.  I hope it helps those who are hesitant get started with that, as I think it has helped things grow here quickly and keeps the momentum going when I don’t feel like writing.  I will write another post on outsourcing Kindle books too when I have some completed, as I expect to learn a ton about that this coming month, and already learned some valuable lessons last month.

Maybe break I can break $5000 in August!  I really didn’t think $4000 was possible this month, I guess you never know ;-)

Thanks for reading and ask if you have any questions about any of this!  

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