Skeffling’s December 2012 Online Earnings – Happy New Year

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Happy New year and welcome to my last earnings report.  It is a lot of work to put them together and I think you can now see what is possible if you work at this.  Numbers are getting unbelievable now anyway, so this is for those who have been following and are curious how December went.  I am sure there will be a drop in January and Febs earnings coming up, so this will be a nice cushion.

If I can only get around to doing one blog post per month, it may as well be as useful as possible for the readers, rather just an earnings report.  The earnings reports take about two days of work each month, so I am better off spending even just one of those days writing something else that people can use right away.

With Squidoo’s huge unannounced update on December 7th, unfortunately my plans to add all the Amazon modules to the Infobarrel articles had to take a back seat.  The Squidoo improvements were needed improvements and I am really glad that spurred us into fixing any enormous regular Amazon modules that were now hideously large.

As a result we spent days and days in December, updating lenses (while watching National Lampoon’s Christmas vacation and other holiday movies) and we have well over 300 done out of 450 or so.   We got another giant Squid approved on another account so that is more peace of mind on the site.  The improvements had increased clickthroughs so that is great!

Seekyt also had some responsive design improvements and I think we will have the VA working on reformatting for the new mega rectangle/skyscraper as we were formatting for an adsense module half that size and it does look messed up.   Our VA is working on Wizzley updates this month.  He can add the Amazon modules to IB once he is done that.  I think we need more VAs!

So, onto the earnings, even crazier than before!

December 2012 Online Earnings

  • Adsense $161.88
  • Chitika $2.76 
  • Kindle Books $22.89
  • Zazzle $155.13  
  • Hubpages $19.16 
  • affiliate (Mine and Nathan’s IB/Seekyt/Wizzley/Squidoo) account $8549.65
  • £46.64  so $69.96US
  • Clickbank and Shareasale Affiliate $71.16
  • My 50% of the Squidoo Amazon affiliate commissions $7498.01
  • Commission junction $38.02 (first ever)
  • Squidoo Conservative estimate for adshare  $1773.01 (could be another $200 or so higher, it will be officially calculated by Squidoo in 6 weeks).

Grand Total is $18,361.63


We have 763 articles on Squidoo, IB, Seekyt and Wizzley and the earnings over all of them is $24.07 per page (or close as the Zazzle totals are in there too), that is up from $15.70 per article last month.

Total Amazon sales were approximately $361,705 in December so with November’s sales that is over $600,000 in the past 2 months, and over a million in Amazon sales for the year!  We hit 8.25% on my Amazon account (for the first time ever) and Nathan’s was 7.5% rate.  The percentage commission on Squidoo’s sales averaged out to 3.4%.


Looking back at 2012 

As a year, 2012 could have not have been any more unexpected or surprising.  But it was great!

We learned a lot about Internet marketing, but we learned even more about getting your debts down and the false financial security that comes from having a job.


Luckily, we discovered the true bliss (haha!) and freedom that comes from working from home as a couple.    Nathan being laid off was the best thing that could have happened, and we are no longer on that treadmill.

You do not realize how little you really need until you are not rushing around, stressed out and trying to make things work and trying to make yourself feel better about the whole situation.

Totals earned for the year are approximately $64,720.09 and the monthly earnings have gone up fairly steeply as the year has gone on, thanks to the Christmas shopping period.    Here are the monthly amounts again too.  I am guessing costs are $10,000-14,000, nearly all in outsourcing content.  I haven’t added it up yet!

I have never graphed this and am amazed how steep it is.   But my efforts were linear-flat out from about October onwards in 2011, so look at that almost flat first 6 months of  learning and article maturing lag even with outsourcing !   So realize it takes time to build up momentum.  I am expecting a big drop, likely to Summer earning levels for the next couple of months unless we figure out how to do some thing new that works and earns fast.


What next?

I don’t really set goals, I just do things I like and it takes care of itself.  If you read the old earnings reports, you’ll know that!  I guess the only real goal was the one on the Infobarrel forum for earning at least $1,000 some month in 2012 and quitting work which we both managed.

We did try to come up with goals when Nathan joined me in Sept and they were to diversify, get Squidoo down to 25% of the income, and Amazon affiliate down too, and you can see that hasn’t happened yet.  At least half comes through Squidoo/Paypal, and half as cheques from Amazon. most of it earned through Squidoo.  So I am technically calling this next section plans for 2013 rather than goals.



Amazon sales of our own private label products. I have products and recipes I designed 5 or 6 years ago that friends and family loved, but were too onerous to make and sell by hand as a business, so this month I’ll be researching PL companies and commissioning a batch or two.

More Kindle outsourcing and sales.  Nathan will spend more time on this, I will do the research and he will oversee the outsourcing, editing and publishing.

We will build out the niche authority websites with informational pages and continue the daily posts.  I have more ideas for websites, but we have enough on right now!  The 4 sites have earned us about $900 since the first started in Oct, so they are hard to ignore as an income stream.  Any new VA we get will be helping with those I think.

I want to learn how to do photography properly and take better pictures.  I can apply that to Zazzle and other image sales and royalties online eventually too.

Other affiliate programs for physical products like Commission Junction and Ebay and Viglink.  CJ likely through Squidoo and other web 2.0 and Ebay through our niche sites.

We really need to increase Adsense income for true affiliate diversity though it is lower priority as the yield is lower for the effort, and it is harder to re-purpose the content if the account is lost.  By updating,  increasing and improving the Wizzley, Seekyt and Infobarrel articles this will be active enough for now.


For 2013

All I can say is I am excited about moving house, working with my husband in our home, learning new stuff, and sharing what I have learned.  The community online is what I love, learning from others and supporting each other!  Thanks so much for reading and commenting and making this so much fun.  2013 should be a great year for us all!  Best wishes for everyone’s success and true happiness online and real life too.

I plan to have the first part of the book available in the next day or two.  I am too technologically feeble to do what I was originally planning with the list today, I just tried!  Looks like it will take til tomorrow to arrange things properly.  Late night anyone?   I think what I have decided on will be better anyway!  There will be Squidoo troubleshooting treats for the list subscribers, not available on the site!  Thanks for your patience, just a bit longer!


So how did the shopping season treat everyone?  I’d love to know!  Was it Squidoo or other sites that gave you a boost?

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