Skeffling’s August 2012 Online Earnings Report – This is getting weird!

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So how did we do? Well again, I think the summer treat us pretty well for online earnings.  I know we had record breaking sales on some days and on average,  sales were up.  Hitting the 8%  Amazon commission on the very last day was a first, and highly recommended!  I only ever reached 7% before, last month.

Despite being so unsettled in August with putting the house up for sale an all the turmoil that goes with that, online work continued for the most part thanks to our 10 hour a week VA.  We got another 40+ Squidoo lenses posted, 3 of the first Kindle Books published and a bunch more articles outsourced.  I wrote some more content for my e-book and did more editing while we took a few days to get away and house hunt while my sister came and farm-sat for us.

Offline, I have been able to get outside and clear my head as this is like a dream  I managed to dry a ton of herbs (sage, thyme, mint, rosemary, basil and lemon balm), and picked our harvest of blackberries and the zucchini are going crazy.  It will be salsa time soon, as the peppers, garlic, onions and tomatoes ripen and making all these home grown goodies to take with us will be a great way to tide ourselves over til a new veggie garden is established.  Being out in the veggie garden with the sun shining on my back helps me escape the stress of looking at all the things that need to be packed or done in the house before we leave too!

So, without further ado

August 2012 Online Earnings

Adsense $68.88

Chitika $0.71

Kindle Books $11.02 (3 of the first new titles this month)

Zazzle $25.37

Hubpages $25.39

My own IB/Seekyt/Wizzley/Squidoo Affiliate $3139.61 (up from approx $1070 in July and $200 in June) £32.88 up from about £1.50 last month so $52.60US

Clickbank and Shareasale Affiliate $142.38

Edited to Oct Payday Squidoo Amazon and Adshare commissions $2830.60 

Grand Total is $6296.56 (I can’t believe it either!)

(and way better than the 25 cents last August!)


Observations and stats

Average earnings per article is $11.34 over all my 556 articles

Official Average earnings per Squidoo article is $17.52 per article (was estimated at $16.70 before payday amounts finalized) over  319 articles (about 40 of them brand new this month).  I counted $2759.77 in from Squidoo from my own Amazon affiliate results for an estimated Squidoo total of $5590.37

I broke my highest sales record of $4800 previous daily sales,  with $5000+ in sales twice, then had a $6200 sales in a day, then the new record high sales day was approx $8260 and included a $2999 acoustic guitar which earned $239.92 alone.

So there were more smaller sales from more lenses this August.  Generally sales of higher ticket items were down and definitely the best performing eraly summer seasonal articles were way down.  With the switch of some of the top performers to my own affiliate links in late June, I have lost some analytics, but I am not too worried, I have been able to observe pure Squidoo data for months now and have certainly drawn some conclusions.  Quite honestly I do not feel like having separate tracking IDs for each article and having to match them up with  the Squidoo data too calculate each articles earnings separately.  It is already taking a good 3 hours to total these up at month end, and it is still just a conservative estimate til payday in 6 weeks.

The smaller sales were for videos and movie rentals and purchase, and I think maybe some going-to-college cheap appliances, as it was  definitely a different breakdown to other months, and 4-5 month old lenses that had not sold anything ever, came to life.  There were also more sales from brand new lenses too, always a good sign!  I love to see a sale the same week!  One sold something first day, from 2 visitors!!

I figure I had to have sold at least $120,000 in products this month, as my own Amazon sales were about $46,000 and my Squidoo pay was on average half that 8%  commission, so likely twice the sales volume.

With my own links, I think the ctr has gone up on those articles, as the images are bigger with a text module than the Amazon Spotlight.  That may have led to such and increase though traffic is increasing on my top non-seasonal articles too.  One hit 800 views in a day, that was one huge spike as the next best day was $500.  My traffic and sales are always higher on the weekends!

5 things I learned in August

  1. How to run a list and use Aweber!  Thanks to all the brave souls how have signed up!   Mrstuckens has been helping me so kindly with WordPress and Aweber.
  2. How frustrating the formatting can be for Kindle books, and how to do a linked Table of Contents.
  3. How much fun it is looking on Fotolia for images and turning them into ebook covers.
  4. That I can actually continue to have fun learning new things to do online, while someone else does the boring stuff
  5. That I have actually been helping people, and they have the Amazon sales to prove it.  Thanks for letting me know!

Plans for September

I need to tell everyone how to do this!

#1 priority is get the Squidoo book finished and figure out how to distribute it.  I need to listen to Pat Flynn’s e-book podcast again.  I know how to format and post onto Kindle now, but want to be able to have it straight from the site, so am looking at E-Junkie, likely.  I’d love to hear if anyone has any comments or experience with non-kindle e-books.


Nathan is going to take over getting content and putting it up onto Squidoo.  If we can keep at 40-50 a month, that is about a weeks work total each month to just keyword research, outsource, check and put up new lenses.  He wants to write some of his own to get a feel for it too, which is great! I look forward to reading them.

He is also going to check through all my lenses  and update and make sure none of the lenses are considered poor as I think some of the long product names may be triggering Squidoo’s filters.  I think they changed something over the summer, now if republishing, a warning has come up on some and I want to have them all clean as a whistle.  We don’t know which are affected until we re-publish, as there are no warning signs or notices.  We will update content in Oct for Christmas, make sure all the products and links are good, and replace outdated.  I am wondering if we should combine the jobs or get the lenses straightened out and manually approved as soon as we can.

Other Web 2.0

I want to get some articles up on Seekyt too if I get chance.   I still have all my keywords at Zerys, so could order a second set of each very easily then outsource the posting.  We need to diversify websites and I’d like to get the Adsense income up too as it is steady in the $60 each month.  At least this month, the non-Squidoo earnings are to around $700, so that is better.

I would love to add some more InfoBarrel articles to my stable too!  And am considering buying the right quality Adsense articles at the moment.

Other Websites/investments

I have been keeping my eyes open and checking out Adsense Flippers for non-branded websites to invest in to help diversify, ideally something set up for Adsense that I can add Amazon or Ebay to, ideally in a niche that is already working for me.

My Niche websites sold zip this past month.  No biggie, I haven’t back-linked at all and am “still testing the effects of doing nothing” (spoken like a true procrastinator!).  Most were seasonal for the summer, so I won’t really know til next year now.

Kindle Books

Also, I want to get more non-fiction ebooks up and going on Kindle.  I got 3 titles up and sold 4 copies total, in approx 2 weeks, which I am quite excited about as there are no reviews yet.  I have  a pseudonym there.  I had considered bugging people for reviews, but think I will just do the right thing and go without that help.  I may set up a Squidoo profile to help promote them and review related products too.  I have had fun doing the book covers though I know for the time it took, I should have let someone else do it.   I enjoyed it, and they can’t be too hideous if I sold some!

I have more books being outsourced and underway and need to do some more research to come up with more ideas for books that will really help people.

Nathan wants to do fiction and he has some awesome ideas.  We think we have found a writer to do his, so he will be spending time working out plots etc and getting things ready to write this month.  About 5 years ago, we talked about jointly writing up some of his Sci-fi ideas, but better have someone who doesn’t do run-on sentences!


Hopefully all the house hassle will die down soon, and we can sit down to figure out all the priorities and I can get on with some social things I need to do.  Nathan is way more focused and organized than I am, so I think this will be a great team.  He did project management, business contracts, hiring and ran the training program  and can probably help more than I even realise right now.  So he is officially off, so I hope we can do half as well next month.  We are so looking forward to our new adventure!

If you are new to the blog and curious how fast this has come about, read this summary now of previous earnings amounts,  Another make money online blog – Why would you read it?

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask them below!


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