Skeffling’s October 2012 Earnings Report – Did she break $8000?

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If you are wondering how we did, it’s all here, albeit a bit late!  Despite October being an insane month and having too many demands on our time we did OK.  As some of you may know, our hundred acre farm is up for sale and we have had many showings that we need to prepare for, then be out of the house for hours.

We also have the pressure of getting ready for winter closing in and winter up here in Ontario is something you have to be prepared for when you have livestock that need water that won’t freeze, pressure washing poop from coops is far from glamorous!

Nathan professionally interviewed three virtual assistants and hired one great guy that has been helping us out the past few weeks.  Nathan had worked up an interview package for each applicant and was back in his old management zone.

There is a little bit of a learning curve on both ends having a full time employee, so things have been a little slower than we would have liked and the process longer, though Virtual Staff finders were very thorough.  We have been making  instructional screen capture videos (we learned how) and figuring out procedures to help him do his job.  Much of it I know but Nathan doesn’t yet so I had to do videos too.  We have learned how to use Skype, Lastpass and Google Docs too!  Who knew there was so much to do?  Hopefully things are on an even keel now and I can get on with my book.

So on to the numbers!  I think Capstone mentioned this number a couple months back and I honestly wasn’t expecting it…..


October 2012 Online Earnings

  • Adsense $148.67  (up $59.60 from last month and a new Skeffling record!)
  • Chitika $1.84indle Books $37.88  Sold about 13 books of the 3 titles, (9 on, 4 on, and lent one – no promotion at all (yet)
  • Zazzle $46.77  Looks like Belted Galloway calenders and Crazy Chicken Lady t-shirts are hot now.
  • Hubpages $4.71 (lowest ever! The EMD update killed traffic)
  • My own and Nathan’s IB/Seekyt/Wizzley/Squidoo Affiliate $4,282.35
  • £31.01  so $45.52US
  • Clickbank and Shareasale Affiliate $146.69
  • Squidoo Amazon commissions $2,987.85
  • Squidoo Conservative estimate for adshare  $331.00 (could be another $150 or so higher, it will be officially calculated by Squidoo in 6 weeks).

Grand Total was $8,034.28

Corrected to $8584.63 on 11/12 payday so $550.35 more from Squidoo than expected

Sales stats

Average Amazon sales per day (total of Squidoo and my own links) were $5,071, up from $4,556.67 last month, and the total Oct sales of products of $157,210 approx.   Crazy stuff!

I also had a number of Halloween costumes keywords and we outsourced after the last earnings report and posted 20 lenses between the 9th and 20th of Oct and they paid for themselves with crazy 200+ a day traffic in the last few shopping days.

Average Earnings

Average earnings per article is $11.60 over all our 740 or so articles (not including the purchased ones, negligible income there right now-per tracking)

Average Amazon earnings per Squidoo article is $16.49 per article over 429 lenses, up from last month.  I counted $3,535.48+550.35 in from Squidoo from my own Amazon affiliate results for an estimated Squidoo (Amazon only) total of $7073.58.

Reasons for an upswing on per article earnings, I need to check stats on this and not sure if I will spend that much time on it, but I think some of my everyday type articles (not really seasonal ones) published in late summer articles had higher allintitle competition overall (like in the 200-300 range) after the cherry phrases were done already in my favorite niches, and now these are maturing (or getting decent traffic and sales) a couple of months later than we were seeing before.

Also, holiday traffic is starting I think too.  We are definitely seeing holiday sales since about the third week in October, more video games and kids toys.

I am starting to add more in-text links in the Squidoo lenses to our own Amazon affiliate account and that has increased ctr and sales too.



I am pleased we are up to over $800 non-Squidoo income which means the diversification plan is starting to work.  Christmas seems to be boosting Zazzle sales and traffic and it would be nice to keep that momentum going in the new year.

I think the tips I have learned from Jason Mayers ebook about Adsense are paying off as that has nearly doubled this month (making payout within one month for the first time ever, it had been taking me two months to crack $100 at about $65 a month) after editing some of the higher traffic articles on Seekyt and IB.  Also any non-Squidoo articles our VA is posting are being optimized on publishing for better Adsense earnings.

I have 2 more Kindle books finished this month (outsourced) but not posted yet (along with about 6 others), so am looking forward to getting those all up, maybe around or after Christmas.  The three e-books I have now are increasing sales monthly, even with no reviews on them or promo at all!  Like article marketing, the more items you have published, the greater and more diverse your income streams and the more you can learn from your results to fine tune your game plan.

One of my favorite e-book freelance writers, who is not in the USA, messaged me to let me know that he can no longer take our work off the Zerys job board, and can only take assigned work. He has written a few great e-books for me so I found myself doing the research and looking for more work for him to do to help him out, and get some more books in the publishing backlog.

Nathan is working on his authority Amazon site and made a sale, so is encouraged, it is definitely labor and post-intensive, but will be worth it in the long run.


Increasing Efficiency

There is much we wanted to get done this month but didn’t, one of the universal things in internet marketing I guess.  I seem to be distracted and working way less that I was when I was home alone too.  Moving house and the associated constant interruptions doesn’t help, I crave a whole open day to get work done!  I am travelling to the UK to visit family in November-December, so that will slow me down for sure, though I can’t wait to get into the chocolate there!

So we started listening to the “4 hour work week” audio book in the truck when we have to be out of the house for showings.  We (I) are trying to become more efficient and I have fired up the Dragon Naturally Speaking and got a Blue Yeti Mic and it is awesome as I am a terribly bad and slow typer, you have no idea! Nathan has a Blue Snowball for Skyping with the VA, as the computer mics were horrible and any $40 ones we found locally.

The Market Samourai guys are doing a Business Hacks webinar next week that I will be watching and I plan to start using many of their time-saving tips.


November is the time to be writing gift articles on Squidoo!

I cannot bring myself to write first person for general gift articles, despite Squidoo Quests asking for that.  But, at worst, I recommend following the Quests and try to get that additional front page exposure if you are not confident in your keyword ratios.  This helped me a ton last Christmas and I highly recommend it.  Squidoo gives little mini-leaks and hints on what searches traffic are hot and that they are getting, so you can grab last minute shoppers and traffic.

I am finding the Top 10 a nice format.  Multiple product options (up to 5) per type of gift give the best click through, though I have not made many sales yet on this years new ones yet, still early I guess!  The more product options the better, but they have to make sense and be selected carefully, making each lens take over 2 hours to post even when the content is pre-written/outsourced.

So how was October for everyone?  Are you starting to get some Amazon sales? What are your plans for the upcoming shopping season?

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