Nathan’s Resources

The object of this page is to have all the meaty, internet marketing links, programs and information all in one place. I’ll categorize them more as I keep posting them all in one place for Nathan, my husband, and for you.

Some of these may be affiliate links.  Don’t worry, you don’t pay any more if you choose to go through them, and you can easily bypass if you need to.  I am only posting things I use regularly, that he will need to get going fast.

Keyword Resources

Adwords Estimator gives higher search numbers that are more likely accurate than Adwords Tool.
  • You need the keywords in [ brackets] for exact match.
  • Don’t forget to multiply the estimator numbers by 30 as they are daily searches.
Adwords Keyword Tool is better for keyword related ideas or if estimator says zero searches and you want to double check a keyword.
  • For Amazon, use US local, exact match
  • For Adsense products use US local, exact match
  • For Adsense informational use Worldwide, exact match
  • For Kindle books do Worldwide broad match


  • You can use for any length of document.  I am using for Web 2.0 articles, niche website content and e-books
  • Use the Smartpost for 4 and 5 star writers only, then choose writers you like for direct assignments.
  • Block any writers of poor content
  • Favourite the any ones you like, then you can see/compare their rate and stats more easily
  • Check copyscape carefully.  It has a free copyscape tool but occasionally you may need to check a paragraph at a time to be sure on your own copyscape
  • Approve articles quickly, the writers appreciate it!
  • I can share my instructions to writers if you need it for the 3 – 5 item Squidoo lenses.  Ask for conversational, 2nd person anyway.
There is way more info here on my Outsourcing – How to get started post

Writing tips

Helpful Infobarrel forum thread Freelancers and anyone else who can do it, how do you write a good article, fast?

Latent semantic indexing tools online to give your article more depth and authority


How to use Squidoo well

Do all of these things.  If you just do a  few it does not work well or at all sometimes

Submitting Web 2.0 articles after publishing

Do these right after you publish.  These are all I do.  Very low tech with the right keywords, just enough to get the site indexed.
And for Seekyt, Infobarrel, Wizzley and Topic Spotter sometimes

Kindle and E-books

An excellent free ebook called How to Write an E-book in Just 14 Days  Deals with organizing tips and writing


A helpful thread on the Warrior Forum called First Kindle book Step by step with information on where to get ebook covers done reasonably and other info.

Pat Flynn’s Free  Ebooks the Smart Way


I use Fotolia for Royalty-free cover images and blog post images, and I purchased  The Printshop 3.0 Professional too that gives me access to many royalty free images for commercial and other uses, the program itself is poorly rated but it has plenty of images for what I need.