Life gets in the way. Then it spurs you on! Don’t limit yourself

by Skeffling on July 16, 2012 · 14 comments

When I started this blog I thought I had an idea of how the near-future would play out.  I get to play online, at my own rate, earning and boosting the houshold income while hubby goes to work and earns the background income to keep things going.  Nice and comfortable.  About a week ago we got news that my husband, Nathan,was likely going to get laid off his engineering job.

No more money coming in

Suddenly my $3000 wasn’t a really nice extra, but starting to look like it!  I realized when I added up June’s extra $1000-$1500 (above what I guessed I’d earn) that it was significant.  It was not the extra cash, but a trend and a indication of the speed one can add another $1000 to the monthly income.  It also meant that I still had it when it came to picking keywords after May’s break on producing articles.  It was also a indication you can override the summer lulls, though I am not quite sure when they happen, it’s certainly not July so far!

Looking for another job?

Even when he saw the writing on the wall the few days before I encouraged my husband to think about all the things he liked about his jobs he had done over the years, and all the stuff he didn’t want to deal with again.  And try and think of some other job he could do.

We always figured he had to do the steady job then me with my excitable and easily bored nature could do the contract and entrepreneur stuff as a boost.  Maybe I’d earn more than him, but maybe no benefits,  steady work or reliable income.  Anyway he couldn’t come up with anything except “shame sh*t different pile”.

Internet Business Mastery to the rescue

Next day I caught the Internet Business Mastery Podcast episodes 99 and episode 100 about working online, and freedom and having a plan for fulfillment, as well as realizing your self esteem makes you take what you are given.  I realized I was limiting him and he was limiting himself.  So I asked him, an avid podcast listener anyway, to download and listen to them for his 50 minute drive to work.

When he came home, I could tell be his expression and demeanor that he had listened to them.  So it had started to percolate and he had already decided he was done with 9 to 5 as a long term way to feed, clothe and house ourselves.

Trainee Internet Marketer

So my hubby is in training and has already posted a number of Squidoo lenses that were outsourced, so we can get the monthly income quickly boosted to cover the minimum bills.  Meantime we will learn about Kindle publishing, set up more Niche Amazon Blogs and he is interested in drop shipping as an income route eventually, to diversify further.

He is starting to learn all he can online, listening to Pat Flynn, and Chris Guthrie’s podcasts too,  and now suddenly asks me questions like what exactly did Panda do and what is a tracking ID.  After a year of living and breathing this myself, it is wierd to have a member of the household knowing what I am talking about, asking questions, listening and giving his feedback!   He has always been supportive, but had no idea about Internet marketing except that it took hours to do and that I loved it!

I am going to set up a resources page for links and things that Nathan and anyone else who wants to get started online will find useful.  Every time I need to send him something, I’ll post it there, then anyone else who needs them can use them too.

Selling up

We have now heard officially about the layoff, but no idea when and if there is a severance pay.  We could fight and try to make it work here, but are going to move house, downsize, sell the farm and vehicles and have decided to minimalize to an insane degree so we are free and not tied to debts.

We will still keep the chickens and grow our on food just a couple of acres.  No more payments or interest, extra money will be put back in to grow our income.    We’ll get the liabilities and assets down, and he won’t need to work anywhere outside the home.  Between the two of us we can figure this out and make it work.

And as a bonus, I was thrilled on Squidoo payday, Friday 13th, to have earned nearly $500 more than I originally estimated.  That couldn’t have been timed better!    You have to love this online business.

Next steps

I have 2 kindle books being outsourced right now, and have ideas for more after listening to Chris Guthrie’s podcast with Ty Cohen and joining the Webinar too.

The article outsourcing on Zerys ( affiliate link ;-) ) is slower I am noticing, more writers are taking vacation time I think.  I am keeping at the keyword research for getting more Web 2.0 articles and e-books anyway, it takes a while to do and is always a  good changce of pace.  The Web 2.0 is what is working right now, so I have to do more of it.

I am starting to look to back-to-school and winter articles so I can be ready.  I am really curious to see how traffic and earnings change over the year.  July has been good for sales so far, higher than any month on average, not below $2000 a day but I do have a lot of summer product articles, so am expecting try and work around a lull.

This was  a lot about us today, but it may help you see where we are headed and why.  We plan to share what we learn, but the most important things is being certain that you will succeed.  It’s not a matter of  if but when.


Ash July 16, 2012 at 9:07 pm

I am glad you are back , I signed up to the newsletter so cannot wait for the ebook release. It’s great to see your husband joining you, good luck for you both. Just a suggestion (yes another) I think you should remove the submle, digg and linkdin share buttons and move the most popular ones g+, fb, and twitter to the top of the post, and read more links on the homepage for each blog post so readers don’t need to scroll past each full article

Skeffling July 16, 2012 at 9:51 pm

Thanks for signing up Ash. Don’t worry, I am not done with the site yet, the skin isn’t installed right. I was trying to re-install it last week and wiped all my settings, so have someone very kind and patient helping me later this week to do it properly. I noticed the social buttons, (I don’t need the number zero up on them either) needed changing today, I also noticed it had wiped all the pages menu up top too so I re-added them! I have no analytics either right now so am looking forward to getting those up! I don’t want to do much now as it will all be paved over or a good chance of it when I get the next stage up. No time anyway, appointments at the bank and people coming for stuff we have up for sale on Kijiji. And the chicken sales take up a lot of time, people have so many questions!

Ash July 16, 2012 at 9:17 pm

I was wondering looking at a few of your lenses why do you do that 3 product format is that for low comp kw’s it looks pretty interesting

Skeffling July 16, 2012 at 10:09 pm

I do the 3 to 5 product because it works pretty well. The first freelancer I ever used did them and they worked just fine. If I can get 40% click-through on one I know I did OK on the product choice and layout.

I’d be surprised if they were sustainable long term if others are writing longer more comprehensive articles on the same niche on similar sites, I plan on adding to the over the years or selling off. They are easy to outsource and generally I find when shopping I get it down to 3 that are what I want personally! I don’t like the 2 product comparisons as much, the X v’s Y. With 3 items (if you choose well) you get X vs Y, X vs Z, and Y v’s Z searches coming up so your article is easier to find in Google.

I find the ones that get the 60-70% clicktghroughs are hard to outsoiurce, you’d need to find 15-20 good items first then get soemone to write generally about each category.

Marcin July 17, 2012 at 2:56 pm

Good to see you’re on track and everything is going in the right direction!

Skeffling July 18, 2012 at 11:32 am

Thanks Marcin! It is still scary and uncertain, but I just feel like cranking up some music and dancing, it’s like a weight has been lifted! We both feel like that. It’s just going to be a lot more work for a while, but if it’s fun, it’s no trouble!

Ash July 20, 2012 at 10:34 am

can a brand new site rank #1 for low competition keywords that have only 200-400 allintitle: and allinurl: competitors, I have quite a few keywords in that range that I want to rank for I know Squidoo is good for these low competiton kw’s but can a new niche site do this I really want my own blogs and sites as I cannot rely on squidoo.

Skeffling July 20, 2012 at 10:45 am

I honestly don’t know! That is what I want to find out myself, and I think it is worth trying. I would think so with backlinking…but I am trying it without! It may not reach #1 necessarily, depending on top 10 competition, but it is not usually that fierce for 200-400 monthly search kw, always pays to check the top 10 and see what links/rank etc. I know I am onto a winner for a lens when #1 is a forum post!

I think you are improving your chances by doing a website related or using same keywords as a successful lens that sells. You have proof it is a buyer keyword, you know how much daily traffic you can get, and you get the Squidoo intel that gives you a list of keywords finding your lenses.

I have made a handful of sales on half of my 6 new Amazon Niche sites, but I think format, size and content will be significant factors especially in the absence of back-links, and I haven’t figured out a) what is best and b) if it even works at all. I want to try more of my own web properties, but am still not sure about the back-linking, it seems so futile when they keep cracking down…

ash July 20, 2012 at 11:32 am

i normally go for 30-60 searches per month 200-400 allintitle: and/or allinurl:, general keywords its slow at the moment as i do not have my own computer, i have only done 1 buyer keywords focused lens (30 searches per month) , do buyers keywords work i haven’t got loads of sells yet is that where i am going wrong

Skeffling July 20, 2012 at 11:10 pm

I think that will take longer to work, but it will work if
a) if the kw is a buyer keyword, best, reviews, cheap etc
b) your article is a decent length 500+ words
c) well written with good depth and LSI then you get a multitude of longtail searches to boost up that 30-60 per month
I am more inclined to do those if the dollar value of the product is high ;-) more worth the risk.

I honestly am thrilled when my allintitle is smaller than the number of searches and try to pick that most of the time (90%+). The challenge is finding them, it is time consuming and that’s why I love the scraper tools they give you a chance of finding that needle in the haystack!

All you are doing wrong, is you need more ;-)

The higher the allintitle, the longer it seems to take to earn. Some take off faster than others anyway, and when they do, I write more of those as soon as I can for related kw or ones in the same niche or types of products, but you need to have them out there earning for you (and collecting search data you can use too). So do more!

When getting kw ideas, here’s a tip, I don’t write about “cheap” anything 9though you can), but best, affordable, inexpensive or deals are fair game where there is an implied value and people love a great quality bargain and buy fast when they see them!

SincerelyT July 29, 2012 at 12:13 pm

I couldn’t help but smile reading that you and your husband are in on this together! Starting him off with listening to podcasts from Pat Flynn etc. is a great way for him to learn about this business and build inspiration. I wish you and your husband a TON of success! I know you’ll both do just fine. Keep the posts coming!

Skeffling August 3, 2012 at 7:43 am

Hi There. Thanks for your kind words Sincerely T and for dropping by. It is stressful and we are scrambling to sort out finances and sell our vehicles and home, but we are also very excited and optimistic about this opportunity.

Ashley July 29, 2012 at 6:34 pm

did your earnings go up after reading jcmayer 777’s ebook i have a lot of good about it August 17, 2012 at 1:15 am

I understand what it is to be laid off. Its a challenge. But it too is an opportunity. The fact remains, you have a great team and as your work together you will be blessed far more than you can imagine.

What is your new “having a plan for fulfillment”? I would love to have an example how you work to that goal. I’m working to define my definitive chief aim with a sub objective goal and “plan for fulfillment”. I am striving for a laser focus on success online as I continue to do key word research and redefine my site as a true leader in the niche.

Have a blessed and prosperous day.

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