Keyword Research Tips

What do you want to know about making money online on Squidoo with Amazon?

by Skeffling

I am working on an ebook to help people make money like I have on Squidoo.  At this time I have 185 articles or pages on Squidoo and earnings of $1623.94 in May, that is $8.78 per article/page, bearing in mind there are a number of non-product review articles in there about rare chicken breeds! […]

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Keyword Scraper Tools I Love to Use and How I use them

by Skeffling

I am a software junkie for keyword stuff and have tried quite a few cheap programs since Oct last year.  I never owned Market Samurai, I bought it straight out, no trial, and they never sent a link to get it, or replied to a couple of emails from different addresses (in case of spam […]

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